Airport – Train Carry/Misc. Information

TSA POLICY on Firearms and Ammunition at Airports

AMTRAK POLICY on Firearms and Ammunition

Airport Carry: No Carry on any real property at Charlotte-Douglas Intl., Charlotte Ordinance Sec. 15-14

State Law § 14-409.40(f) Overrides Local by Allowing for the storage in vehicles. (I wouldHave it unloaded)

Training Valid for: No set time period.

Time Period to Establish Residency: 30 Days

Minimum Age for Permit/License: 21

Permit/License Info Public Information: NO

State Reciprocity/How They Honor Other States Statute: § 14-415.24.

State Fire arm Laws: 14-415-10 thru 14-415-24 & 14-269 thru 14-277.2

State Deadly Force Laws: 14-51.1 thru 14-51.4

State Knife Laws: 14-269(d) & 14-269.2(d)

Chemical/Electric Weapons Laws: 14-269 & 14-401.6.

Body Armor Laws: No laws found.