Class Information

What time will the class start?
The class will start at 8 am or 9 am on the scheduled day, please refer to the email that was sent to you the week of to confirm what time class will be held. Please be on time doors open 5 minutes before.

How do I know if you still have room in the class?
Class dates are removed from the web when there is less than 2 seats available.

Where is the class located?

We are located right outside the Town of Wendell’s city limits.
Each class size varies due to this we have several locations we teach. Please refer to the email sent to you for the classroom location for that day.

What should I wear the day of the class?

Dress for the weather and something comfortable!

Does it make a difference what county I live in to take your class?
The class is good for all counties in North Carolina, it makes no difference what county you live in as long as you live in NC.

Can I apply for my CCH in another county other than the one I live in?
You must be a resident of the county you live in to apply for the CCH or a hand gun permit.

Where will we go to shoot?

What type of target will I be shooting at?
North Carolina has requirements on what type of targets that can and can not be used, we use the “bull’s eye”  or “Silhouette” targets only because it’s about the same size of a persons chest cavity and it is an approved target.

How long is the class?
The class starts at 8am or 9am depending on the time of the season. Class will go until we get through the State Required 8 hours of  class room work, then we will go to the range and that will take another 1 to 2 hours. Most classes are done by 6 to 7pm, so the class is no longer than 10 hours TOPS!

What will we go over in class?
After the introductions, the first part of the class will cover the use of deadly force, when you can and more importantly when you can’t use deadly force, places where you can carry your firearm and places you can’t. All morning we will be talking about laws, and carrying firearm responsibilities. After lunch we’ll cover firearm maintenance, storing, concealing and shooting techniques, non lethal force, firearm safety, range safety and then we’ll go to the range to qualify with your firearm. You will shoot 10 rounds at 3,5, and 7 yards for a total of 30 rounds you must hit the target 21 out of 30 times, the furtherest you will be away from the target is 21 feet (7 yards).  LEAVE YOUR FIREARM SECURED IN YOUR VEHICLE ON THE DAY OF THE CLASS, NO FIREARMS ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLASS ROOM.

Will I need to get anything before class to study?
No, books and information will be given to you on the day of the class, you will watch videos and listen to the instructors most of the day. (breaks are handed out hourly so that one may stretch their legs.)

I have never picked up a firearm, do I need to practice with one before I come to your class?
No, but recommended we will go over the correct way to hold, aim, and shoot a firearm keeping safety all ways 1st!   We had several people who have never picked up a firearm before class, after instruction from us everyone has done great. We always put safety 1st with all we do!

What about lunch and bathroom breaks? 
We usually take lunch around 12 noon after we finish up with laws. We also take a bathroom break every hour so you can move around a little. You will get 1 hour for lunch on your own and there are several restaurants near by, Sub-Way, Chinese, McDonald’s, Aubry’s Grill and some others.

Do I need to have a permit before I take the class?
No, you do not need a gun permit before taking this class.

Will we still shoot if there is bad weather the day of the class?
Depending on what the situation is. If it is thundering, lighting and/or pouring rain we will not shoot and qualifying will need to be rescheduled. We will schedule a rain date and we will try and make this as convenient as we can for everyone. We can shoot individually or as a group. For example if the class is on a Saturday, if possible we will shoot on Sunday.
Be sure to dress for the weather

Do I need to have a firearm before class?
No, if you do not have a firearm you can use ours to qualify with, there is a charge for the firearm and the ammo you will use and us having to clean the firearm after wards.
I know someone who has a firearm I can use, is this ok?
Yes, that’s fine if you know someone who has a firearm that will let you use it for the class. You need to let them show you how to load and unload safely and how the firearm operates.

How do I transport my firearm to the class?
Anytime you have a firearm in the vehicle and you don’t have a CCH permit, keep the firearm in an area that is not accessible to the passenger’s compartment, with the firearm unloaded, and the action open. The state looks as to the location and the accessibility of the firearm, if it is in reach of you or the passengers you could be cited, you should keep it unloaded but the state does not care one way or the other if it is or not. Remember to keep it secure and away from others.

What do I need the day of the class?
You will need to bring your firearm unless you are going to use ours, a box of NEW (NOT RE-LOADS) ammo that must match the caliber of your firearm, and hearing and sight protection.

I’m not sure I can get a CCH permit, how can I find out?
If your not sure you can get a conceal carry permit see the “NC Firearm laws” appendix for
disqualifying offenses. You can also apply for a pistol permit at a cost of $5.00 before you start spending a lot of money on something you can’t use. You may also want to call an attorney and meet with them if you’re still not sure. If you are a felon or have any record of violence you should contact your attorney before taking this class.

Is there a caliber or gun restriction when qualifying for Concealed Carry?
No, however; we like smaller calibers with longer barrels, the guns do not have a lot of recoil and the person shooting usually hit what they shoot at. There is no caliber restriction, however we ask that you do not bring a single action cowboy style revolver for qualifying, this type of gun takes longer to load & unload and slows down the class.

Do you require people to pay for the class in advance?
No, but please keep in mind. When you register for a class I make a certificate in your name, this certificate has a seal and can not be reused, and not to mention the paper work it takes to register you.


Why do you take my picture?
We take pictures of you with your target and store it, some we put on the internet but if you don’t want your picture on the site just tell me or the person taking pictures, should we need proof of how you qualified, we will have it. All information about you is PRIVATE and NEVER released to anyone with out a court order or your permission!

If the class is canceled.
We try not to cancel a class if I have 5 or more, if for some reason the class was canceled due to sickness or personal, the next class would be scheduled and everyone would come to that one.

What do you provide?
We provide instruction, class study materials and targets. If you need to use our firearm to qualify with it is an additional charge. (free of charge for the use of the firearm. we only charge for the ammo.)

When do I receive the certificate from you?
You will get the certificate after you have completed the class room work, taken the test, qualified with your firearm and your picture is taken. Sometimes we order certificates from the state and do not get them back until after the class, if this happens I would call you to either pick up or I will mail it to you.

How much time do I have to take the certificate to the sheriff’s dept?
North Carolina does not have a expiration date from the time you have completed the class, however it has been reported to me that at the sheriff’s association, there has been a gentleman’s agreement to limit the time period to 90 days from completion.

Why is your class so inexpensive when other classes are $175 and up?
We do not make a living teaching this class, we work full time and teach only because we love it. We are firm believers in your rights and we feel that the more law-abiding citizens who carry a firearm responsibly will make us all a little safer (studies have proved this). The price is only to cover my overhead cost of you getting your conceal carry permit, it pays for your CCH Book, Certificate, and range time.

Is this all I need to carry a firearm?
No, you must go to the sheriff’s department of the county you live in, complete the paperwork, pay for the application, your finger prints and photo will be taken, then after about 8 weeks or so the sheriff department will mail you your permit in person.DO NOT CARRY A FIREARM CONCEALED UNTIL YOU GET YOU’RE PERMIT FROM THE SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT!

After I receive my CCH permit from the Sheriff’s department, do I need to buy any more gun permits?
No, as long as you keep your conceal carry permit current you will not need to buy a gun permit to purchase a firearm. Also, there are no restrictions to the number of firearms you can purchase.

If I pay for the class but unable to come do I lose my money?
No, anyone who has registered and paid for a class can come anytime we have one. You can also come over and over again if you wish at no additional charge. If you let your permit expire and you need another certificate to renew your CCH then you would be required to pay for the class again. We have several people who have paid but have been unable to attend, if this should happen to you, all you need to do is call me and let me know when you’re coming so I can plan a space for you. Classes are not transferable.

Can a commercial truck driver carry a firearm in his/her rig?
There is no federal law concerning commercial truck drivers and firearms. Nor have we been able to find any state law. If you have the proper Permits/License and can legally carry in the state you are driving in or that state allows the carrying of firearms without a permit you are legal. We have not heard of one trucking company that allows their drivers to carry a firearm while working, but this is a company policy and not law.  If you know of such a law, e-mail us the link so I can check it out! (we will keep looking)

Will other states honor my conceal carry permit?
Some states do honor your permit; there are 37 states to date. Click here to see them.

What is the CCH fee at the sheriff’s dept?
$90.00 the 1st time, $85.00 to renew. Permits are good for 5 years and then they have to be renewed.
Be sure all information is the same as your driver license or ID when you go to the Sheriff Dept!

How long does it take to get the CCH back from the sheriff’s dept?
By NC Law they must give you an answer with in 90 days after all material has been received, most of the time you’ll get them back in about 8 weeks or less depending on how busy they are.

I have moved to NC from another state where I have a permit now, will I need to take this class to get my permit here?
Yes, North Carolina requires you to take a class so you will know what North Carolina’s laws are.

If I have lost my permit do I have to notify anyone?
Yes, you must notify the sheriff’s dept. You can get a notarized statement to carry with you until its time to renew.

If I move do I need to notify anyone?
Yes, you must notify the sheriff’s dept within 30 days.

If I let my permit expire, will I need to take the class again?
Yes, you will need to take the class again and receive a certificate with a seal and wait for everything to come back again to get your CCH card.   It’s just like going for the 1st time.

I’ve been in the military, do I need anything from them when I apply for the CCH?
YES if you have been in the military you will need to take a DD-214 form 4 that shows your discharge status with you.

Lost Certificate!
Part of the cost of the class is for your certificate and they do cost, we have to look up your old certificate and void out the number then issue a new one, record the replacement and mail it. So unfortunately I have to charge for the certificate, sorry. You will need to call us directly so we may take care of this asap. Once we receive your information and payment we will mail it to the address listed unless you have moved, then we will call you on the phone you gave when you took the class for security purpose and you will have to meet me in person. The fee for a new/lost certificate is: $25.00.