iTuck Phone/Firearm Holster

ituck(Phone Case with Hidden IWB Holster)

• Heavy Duty 1 ¾” Metal Clip
• Holds iPhone™ 4,5,6, or Samsung™ Galaxy™ or Similar ( Up to 5.5″ Tall x 3.5″ Wide 1″ Deep)

• Pocket for Driver License, Credit Card & Cash
• Hid
den Holster Pocket Conceals Firearm



The RipStop Material is the one with the Diamond Textured Fabric.

For the iPhone 6+ and larger phones click here

(Patent Pending)

Available in Black RipStop, Sienna Brown RipStop, Royal Blue RipStop, Cinnamon Red Rip Stop, Black Nylon or Coyote Brown Nylon.

Size 11 Fits LCP,BE21,P380,SS238,TCAT, 738,Pony, ( With or W/O Crimson Trace Laser) and Similar Sizes
Size 10 Fits
LCR, J Frame ,SW 3913, PF9, Gl 17.19.22.,Be Nano, LC9, SS230 PPK, PPKS, Sr9C, SS239, XDS45, Kahr PM9/40/45 And Similar (With or Without Crimson Trace Lasers)

Size 10 Has been REDESIGNED. The size 10 will fit a wider array of Firearms . REDESIGN DATE 4.9.14.

To see a larger selection of the MANY Firearms that will fit in the iTuck, Please see the Size Chart Tab!


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