Release Form:

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities of Training or Instructional classes and/or Events, I hereby waive any right of recovery for any injury incurred by myself and my child or children (if accompanied by a child or children), and to my property during any activity or range training held by (Spencer Sanderson), whether self-inflicted or inflicted by others and whether or not the acts of others were intentional or negligent. In no case shall I hold (Spencer Sanderson) responsible for the acts of third persons who may injure myself, my child or children, or my property. I execute this waiver, consent, and release on my own behalf and on behalf of my child or children, if they are accompanying me, realizing that this sport is not hazard-free and fully assume those risks of all conditions in and about the activity area. I also waive any and all specific notice of the existence of any hazards.
I am legally entitled and in no way prohibited from possessing or using firearms.